BEASUN is a rapidly growing international enterprise dedicated on UV electronic ballasts and digital power switchable electronic ballasts. Based on the strong research and development capabilities, BEASUN has made a great success in the product innovation and optimization. The production line of BEASUN covers a wide power range of electronic ballasts with high-end quality (4W to 3000W).

BEASUN was founded in March 2005 and its headquarter is located in Beijing Economic Development Area (BDA). BEASUN supplies its electronic ballasts and accessories to many industries that apply UV lamps, such as waste water treatment, domestic drinking water purification, air purification, semiconductor, aerospace, oilfield, food process, printing and tanning. BEASUN supplied electronic ballasts that can be applied on low-pressure UV lamps, high output low-pressure UV lamps and low-pressure amalgam UV lamps.

Since a long time, to satisfy the broad demands of different customers, BEASUN has invested great efforts with respected to the research and development excellence, global management experience, quality and performance improvement, as well as production line enrichment. Because of the excellent service and promote shipment, the products have been widely remarked by the worldwide manufactures in the environment protection and specific light source equipment.

BEASUN always improves himself in terms of internationality to serve its customers in a better way. So far, BEASUN has established the research, development and sales centers in both Germany and South Korea.

BEASUN strives himself to be the global market leader in the field of UV electronic ballasts. BEASUN continuously makes technical innovations to provide the excellent quality and customized service to satisfy customers' demands. We are always there for you!